I’ve worked with many students - both undergraduate and graduate - over the years and am always happy to work with new students. Generally speaking, I only work with undergraduates who have taken coursework with me beyond HON 171/172, though I occasionally make exceptions. Listed below are the various projects that I have either directed or been a reader for.

Honors Theses Directed

  1. “Bias and Storytelling in Models of Human Evolution” (Vanessa Dailey, Humanities, 1999)
  2. “For the Well-Being of the Nation: The Utilitarian Justification of Eugenics in Germany and the United States” (Michelle Novak, Humanities, 2000)
  3. “The Nature of Scientific Debate in Paleoanthropology: An Examination of Bias in the Homo ergaster Debate” (Cory Larson, History, 2000)
  4. “The effect of preconceptions upon scientific and creationist conclusions about Neandertal fossils” (Todd Geist, Anthropology, 2002)
  5. “Evolution and Pre-medical Preparation at ASU” (North Noelck, Biology & Society, 2004)
  6. “Effect of Written Materials on Doctor/Patient Communication” (Danielle Germain, Life Sciences, 2004)
  7. “Moral and Ethical Issues Surrounding Xenotransplantation and Fetal Stem Cells” (Joshua Kolsrud, Philosophy, 2004)
  8. “Colonialism and Human Origins Research in East Africa” (Emily Goble, Anthropology, 2004)
  9. “A Computer Module for Teaching Critical Thinking in Relation to Diabetes Care” (Minal Ahmad, Psychology, 2005)
  10. “Arab-American Identity: A Historical Perspective” (Dianne Elsheik, Anthropology, 2005)
  11. “Teaching the Controversy: Intelligent Design and K-12 Science Education” (Jennifer Minneci, Biology & Society, 2006)
  12. “A Philosophical Examination of Bio-behavioral Models in the Law” (Jeremy Greenberg, Philosophy, 2006)
  13. “Of Reporters and People: An Analysis of Media Coverage of Kitzmiller v. Dover” (Mike Price, Mass Communications, 2006)
  14. “Darwinian Themes in Kesey’s Sometimes A Great Notion” (Matthew Parker, English, 2007)
  15. “Revolution or Renovation: Evaluating the Novelty of Evidence-Based Medicine and Evidence-Based Nursing” (Leslie Padros, Biology & Society, 2007)
  16. “Patient autonomy and physician/patient relationships” (Ashley Beck, Biology & Society, 2007)
  17. “Factors Affecting the Incidence of Left and Right Plagiocephaly in Newborns” (Jessica Joganic, Anthropology, 2008)
  18. “Community Outreach in the School of Life Sciences: The Need for Systematic Reform to Increase Science Literacy in the Public.” (Caitlin Joseph, Secondary Education, 2009)
  19. “The Current Status of Emergency Medicine in the United States: Problems and Solutions” (Elizabeth Harkin, Biology & Society, 2010)
  20. “Improvement of the Future Race: Eugenics in High School Biology Textbooks” (Ashley Klott, Biology & Society, 2011)
  21. “From Epperson to Kitzmiller: Opposition to Evolution in the Courtroom” Chris Swift (History, 2012)
  22. “From Millerites to Mayans: Two Hundred Years of American Apocalypticism” Cassie Snarr (History/Religious Studies, 2013)
  23. “Anti-Vaccination in Victorian England and Modern America” Stephanie Kost (Biology, 2013)
  24. “Past, Present and Future Role of the Humanities in American Medical Education” Jennifer Craer (Biology & Society, 2014)
  25. “Death, Delight and Destitution: What Sort of Epicurean was Palladas of Alexandria?” Rodmanned Nikpour (Philosophy, 2014)
  26. “The Effects of Breast Cancer Screening Activism on Racial Disparities And the Future of the Fight
” Chloé Holmes (Biology, 2015)
  27. “The Past, Present, and Future of NASA Research into Microbes in Space” Breanne Mccarthy (Biology, 2016)
  28. “American Football’s Popularity Problem and What it means for the Future of Rugby” Drew Martin (Journalism, 2018)

Service as Honors Thesis Reader

  1. “Infertility, Disease, and Modern Medicine: Miracle Cures or Means to an End?” (Shane Daley, Biology, 2000)
  2. “Women of Worth (WoW): A Program to Study Mentoring Relationships in Young Women” (Laura Edwards, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2001)
  3. “The Walk of A Queen: The Portrayal of Women in the Plays of Yeats, Lady Gregory and Synge” (Kristen McQuinn, English, 2001)
  4. “Infertility: A Glimpse Into the Life of an Infertile Couple” (Traci Glatis, Biology, 2001)
  5. “An Analysis of the Phylogenetic Relationship of the Makapansgat Hominid Fossils to Established Hominid Species” (Heather Smith, Anthropology, 2001)
  6. “The Role of the Pre-limbic Cortex in Motivation for Cocaine” (Heather Rice, Psychology, 2001)
  7. “A comparison of genetic variability of Drosophila nigrospiracula emerging from a single Cardon cactus rot in the Sonoran Desert” (Nancy Ngo, Biology, 2002)
  8. “Lost in No Man’s Land: History and Analysis of US Wetlands Policy” (Brian Lutz, Biology, 2002)
  9. “Memory of faces relevant to evolutionary goals” (Andy Delton, Psychology, 2002)
  10. “What is the small screen telling us? Representations of women in current popular television shows” (Julia Papworth, Psychology, 2002)
  11. “A Trial: A Play about AIDS in South Africa” (Julie Storey, Biology, 2003)
  12. “Reflections: A Novella” (Jennelle Hirsch, Psychology, 2003)
  13. “Free Press versus Fair Trial: Media Cameras in the Courtroom” (Venessa Bragg, Broadcast Journalism, 2003)
  14. “Plastic and evolved responses of tracheal dimensions to varying atmospheric oxygen content in Drosophila melanogaster” (Joanna Henry, Biology, 2003)
  15. “Tactical Innovation of Alexander the Great in Battle, 336 BC - 323 BC” (Chris Donewald, History, 2003)
  16. “Athenian Ideologies, Athenian Laws” (Jessica Berch, Humanities, 2004)
  17. “Factors Affecting Wounding Aggression in a Colony of Captive Chimpanzees” (Clara Scarry, Anthropology, 2004)
  18. “Helen Longino’s Social Epistemology & Eugenics: A Case Study” (Alan Fortuna, Biology & Society, 2004)
  19. “Evolved Cognitive Modules and Their Possible Mismatch to Current Adaptive Events” (Scott Greene, Philosophy, 2005)
  20. “Santos en las Americas: Santiago Rides Again” (Ryan Riedel, Religious Studies, 2005)
  21. “Children’s Understanding of False Belief and Emotion Attribution” (Jillian Huie, Psychology, 2005)
  22. “Destroying Something Beautiful: An Analysis of Female Genital Mutilation” Kenneth Rotter (Philosophy, 2007)
  23. “Zionism: The Return to Nature” Ariel Lichterman (History, 2007)
  24. “Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Are we ready for it, is it ready for us?” Scott Santoro (Biology, 2008)
  25. “Temporal variation in the horn core and dentition of Aepyceros sp. novum within the Hadar Formation, Ethiopia” Amelia Villasenor (Anthropology, 2008)
  26. “Different Shades of Green: Evaluating Eco-tourism in Different Contexts” (Meghan McCabe, Biology & Society, 2009)
  27. “China’s One Child Policy: Millions Saved and Millions Lost” Michelle Mass (Biology & Society, 2009)
  28. “Analysis of Ancient Medical Practices” Ariana Henkel (Biology, 2010)
  29. “Ritual use of canids at Prehispanic La Quemada, Zacatecas, Mexico” Chris Schwartz (Anthropology, 2011)
  30. “From Theory to Practice: The Struggle to Implement Effective Victim Participation Measures at the International Criminal Court.” Malvika Sinha (Global Studies, 2011)
  31. “Risk Factors Influencing Animal Cruelty among Mexican-American Youth” Brinley Suppes (Communication, 2013)
  32. “El Camino de Santiago” Jonathan Reyes (English, 2014)
  33. “On Thin Ice: A History of the Bankruptcy of the Phoenix Coyotes” Brendan Porter (Political Science, 2014)
    1. “The Stories We Tell: A Comparison of How Attic and American Tragedy Have Shaped Cultural Narratives” Michael Hernandez (Philosophy, 2018)
  34. “High School Biology Teachers’ Knowledge Governing the Laws Related to the Teaching of Evolution and Creationism” (Aidan Sorge, Science Technology & Society, 2018)
  35. “A Review of the Human Vermiform Appendix and Its Proposed Function” (Shelby Prestwich, Biological Sciences, 2018)
  36. “The Ethics of Forced Chemotherapy on Minors with Good Prognoses” Sarah Nelson (Biochemistry, 2018)
  37. “Conservation of Avian Species: Examining Injury and Recovery Statistics of Urban and Non-Urban Bird Species in the Greater Phoenix Area” (Rishika Virdee, Biological Sciences, 2018)
  38. “How the Student Body is Affected by ASU Football” (Owen Rogers, Business, 2018)

Graduate Students Directed

  1. Peter A. Schmidt, jr. “The History of Atomic Power and the Rise of the American Comic Book Superhero” (MA, Interdisciplinary Humanities, 2002)
  2. Heather Lundine “Religious Tropes in American Popular Culture” (MA, Interdisciplinary Humanities, 2006)
  3. Jennifer Minneci “Baraminology: a new ‘kind’ of systematics?” (MS, History and Philosophy of Science, 2008)

Graduate Committee Service

  1. David Passiak “The Life of David Brainerd and the Politics and Poetics of Memory” (MA, Religious Studies, 2001)
  2. Claudia Bachman “Design Failure: Intelligent Design Theory and Darwinian Theory” (MA, Philosophy, 2001)
  3. Julie Homchick “An analysis of Charles Darwin’s Origin and its reinterpretations as represented in selected works of George Eliot” (MA, Interdisciplinary Humanities, 2005)
  4. Lydia Pyne “The Life History of Klasies River Mouth: A Case Study in History and Philosophy of Science” (PhD, History and Philosophy of Science, 2008)
  5. Matthew Cooper “Young Earth Creationism and the Limits of the Standard Objection” (PhD, Philosophy, 2008)
  6. T. Russell Hunter “Rethinking Asa Gray’s Natural Selection not inconsistent with Natural Theology” (MA, History of Science, University of Oklahoma, 2009)
  7. Peter Schmidt “Terraforming: An investigation of the boundaries between science and hard science fiction” (PhD, History of Science, University of Minnesota, 2010)
  8. Nate Johnson, “Conveying Controversial Science: Sam Harris’s The Moral Landscape and Popular Science Communication ” (PhD, Biology & Society, 2013)
  9. Mark Ulett, “Definitely Directed Evolution and the Nature of Variation: Theodor Eimer, Edward Drinker Cope, Leo Berg (1890-1926)” (PhD, Biology & Society, 2014)
  10. Christopher Dimond, “Three Perspectives on Multilevel Selection: An Experimental, Historical, and Synthetic Analysis of Group-Level Selection” (PhD, Biology & Society, 2014)
  11. Maryann Barnes, “Professor Attitudes and Beliefs about Teaching Evolution” (MS, Biology & Society, 2014)
  12. Angela Smith, “On the Origin of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation: Science, Religion, and the Natural World in Early Victorian Scotland” (PhD, History, University of Texas – Austin, 2015)